Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What A Sad Day

Hello folks i am back
What a day. The Volley ball team had a good game against Queensway Secondary Sschool as the c-girls and b-boys won the gold medal and we only got the silver as the same old person[sotong ball] made the same old mistake like a sotong on the queens cup return match. My division lost the 1st set 16-25 and won the 2nd set 25-22with me scoring the ace for the win on the 2nd set.We lost again on the 3rd set and lost out eventually but it was all worth as we all had a good game and got a silver award. The sad thing is that the coach decided to tell us the truth that he was leaving the school to work for a private company.the girls all cried as our coach always kids with us and now he is leaving and the whole team is at great loss as he is the best coach we ever seen.He is in the process to choose the new coach and I hope that he would get us a similar coach.i too feel sad as he was the one that taught me all the basic skills and now he is leaving.I know that when he is free he would definitely come back and visit us and i will work hard and make sure that his effort would not be put to waste.


Anonymous said...

You have made him and your school proud for sure. I'm very sure your parents are very proud of you too. My dear young friend. Keep it up.

You guys will always be in your teacher's heart for sure. Just keep in touch with your teacher via e-mail, blogging, msn, etc. Don't be sad.

Blog Guru

Anonymous said...

You make your mummy really very proud. She keeps telling me about how well you play.



Hi Supercute! Congratulations on winning the silver! I am sure that all of you tried your best. Each of us has our weak points and strengths. What is important is that we constantly strive to improve ourselves.

It is gratifying to know that you appreciate your coach and that you will do your best so that his effort will not be wasted. Keep up your good work!