Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Difference Between Maple And Gunz

I would rather play gunz than maple as:
1.Gunz graphics is much better than maple.
2.Gunz is 3-dimension while maple is 2-dimensional
3.Gunz supprisingly takes up lesser space than maple
4.Gunz is also more fun than maple as it is more realistic
5.Gunz do not have patcher all the time unlike maple
6.Maple's security is much better than gunz
So now you know why I prefere Gunz than MapleTHE odds are 5-1

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Go Makan!!

It is Sunday and I went to Zion Road Food Court .My mother,father and grandfather went to eat Bak Kut Tea while my brother and sister ate Chicken rice as I ate Siao Wan Tang(Noodle with soup).For drinks I had ribena, my brother had China apple,my sister had ribena, my parents and grandfather had typical chinese tea made by my grandfather.After the lunch I went for tuition.After tuition I went to SGBK's place to collect food and brought them home.We went home and TS came over for dinner.We had popiah,Bak Kut Tea and curry.I had a fun time making popiah.We then watched Fomular 1.Singapore is the first country to hold a night race.So I will end of now see ya!!:)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Health Is Better Than Beauty

As you know,many teens like to be slim to be beautiful.But I think likewise,I think that staying health is gold beauty is silver.The ways to stay healthy is to eat healthy not to much but just moderate.If you eat too much,it is not over yet ,the only way to counter the fats is to exercise regularly and not like a pig just eat no exercise at all.

What DO I Mean When I Say exercise??
It means to do something that helps you to burn fats like going downstairs to jog when you are free and frequently visit the park and jog there and even some exercise could help you to build up some hamsters[mussels].Examples are pumping[pushups],situps,burpiseand dumbell[weights].You could not be lazy and must do it regularly.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st visit To The Church

It is Sunday today and my family decided to go to the church at Suntec City's New Creation church and the service lasted for a mind boggling 2 hours.The Church had 3 levels.The 3rd level was full so we sat at the 4th level and the last hall was located at the 6th floor.they started the session with 3 songs and the session continued with speeches and the phrase that made me salute the Christians the most is "Lord's words are his power and the most evil is the devil:}]]]XD

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What An Encounter

What a day. when my brother and sister went out I decided as a big brother that I had to cook something light for my mother and sister to eat [sister refer to baby sister].I decided to fried eggs with crab stick.I cooked three portions of it."Ding Dong......!"the bell rung .I went to the door and my brother came back.When i turned back,towards the kitchen to my amusement,there was a bird stealing my food. Curse that bird!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What A Sad Day

Hello folks i am back
What a day. The Volley ball team had a good game against Queensway Secondary Sschool as the c-girls and b-boys won the gold medal and we only got the silver as the same old person[sotong ball] made the same old mistake like a sotong on the queens cup return match. My division lost the 1st set 16-25 and won the 2nd set 25-22with me scoring the ace for the win on the 2nd set.We lost again on the 3rd set and lost out eventually but it was all worth as we all had a good game and got a silver award. The sad thing is that the coach decided to tell us the truth that he was leaving the school to work for a private company.the girls all cried as our coach always kids with us and now he is leaving and the whole team is at great loss as he is the best coach we ever seen.He is in the process to choose the new coach and I hope that he would get us a similar coach.i too feel sad as he was the one that taught me all the basic skills and now he is leaving.I know that when he is free he would definitely come back and visit us and i will work hard and make sure that his effort would not be put to waste.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What A Tiring Week

On Monday, I had to stay back as I had volleyball.On Tuesday, I had to stay back for self study . On Wednesday, I had to stay back for volleyball. On Thursday,I had to stay back for self study and volleyball practice.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Harshest Training Ever

~~~~~~~~ Hi folks I am back!!! ~~~~~~~
Now it is my CCA [co-curriculum activities].Today is one of the most taxing day of my volleyball life as I was in the starting 6 of the squad. I was happy as I longed to be in the starting 6 ,it was hard. Any way it was very special for the starting 6 as we were wanted to perform our best for all the training.But today,It required more then what we expected.We were very worried as the queens cup return match is on 12 September 2008. We wanted to strive hard and we performed well.Lucky for us we did not have to run 2.4Km[16 rounds around our Assembly ground]. We had a bad weakness that is our weakest link Chee Guan we decided to cover for him on that day. Hope that we would not lose face on the return match and hope that we would win them three games straight [c-girls c-boys and b-boys].Our basketball and soccer was destroyed the school would be laying all their hopes on volleyball as we are the only surviving CCA left[other CCA not 'killed' but lost]. Our starting 6 is the only thing that would make us proud.XDXDXD

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What A Memorable Day

During the whole holiday,my favorite day was on a Thursday and I will tell you why.First,my friend Kok Yee came to our house and we played computer and did our project.We watched Anime then we played Gunz The Duel. HE thought us how to do butterfly [style] and we learnt very quickly.Next we went to Marina Square and we whipped our appetite and enjoyed the mouth watering meal.The scenery was brilliant as we were sitting outside and enjoying our dinner.After we went to do our shopping not to buy but sightseeing my little sister demanded for the slide and so we had to obey her[the usual]. As you know all good things come to an end and we went home.What amazing day for me XDXDXDXD