Monday, September 8, 2008

My Harshest Training Ever

~~~~~~~~ Hi folks I am back!!! ~~~~~~~
Now it is my CCA [co-curriculum activities].Today is one of the most taxing day of my volleyball life as I was in the starting 6 of the squad. I was happy as I longed to be in the starting 6 ,it was hard. Any way it was very special for the starting 6 as we were wanted to perform our best for all the training.But today,It required more then what we expected.We were very worried as the queens cup return match is on 12 September 2008. We wanted to strive hard and we performed well.Lucky for us we did not have to run 2.4Km[16 rounds around our Assembly ground]. We had a bad weakness that is our weakest link Chee Guan we decided to cover for him on that day. Hope that we would not lose face on the return match and hope that we would win them three games straight [c-girls c-boys and b-boys].Our basketball and soccer was destroyed the school would be laying all their hopes on volleyball as we are the only surviving CCA left[other CCA not 'killed' but lost]. Our starting 6 is the only thing that would make us proud.XDXDXD



Hi Supercute! It is gratifying to see that you are pursuing your interest in volleyball.

Keep up the good work. As this is a team sport, we need to remember that there will always be players with strengths in certain areas and weaknesses in other areas. We need to learn to work around each other's strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, it is the spirit of cooperation and camadarie that makes it all worth the while.

You can do it!

Verytiki said...

Doing sport is like studying.

In sport, you have to be good as an indivitual and better in team work.

In study, you have to do well in your individual works as well as group projects.

Just do your very best. Encourage your team mates especially the weaker one.

Winning the game is great. But, winning friendships, respects and honours through hard time and challenges are even better.

Enjoy the journey, not just the result.

Glory Glory Quest will ROCK !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. How's the outcome of the match ?

Auntie Tan

Anonymous said...

Oklar!!We lost but in victory and they did not make fun of us