Thursday, July 29, 2010

Its been a record winning Week YEA

Hellos all im feallin great 2day I just Got An award called the Deans List.Only The Top 5 in class would be given this award yea.Yesterday(28/7/10)I got back my Geography paper and guessed what i flooped it and got a 23/25 for geog test ARRR expecting a better result the next time round like 24/25 or even 25/25 :D yea wish me luck and thats it for now see yea guyz soon then :D:D:D<3

Friday, July 23, 2010

All Im back ty

ERm hey related to my 2nd post,From 23/7/10 Ill be now posting more about KPOP and more focus to SNSD(Girls Generation)HAHA other Group review Will be including Shinee,2Pm,2Am,Big Bang,SuperJuniorhaha keep posted then

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too busy recently back to blogging hahas

Hello all sry i havent been posting lately for a long time due to study reasons Now im less stressed out and blog more often So keep ya all update hahas Cheers:D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mafia Wars

Hello all I am back again with better news :P. I have been playing Mafia Wars for a very long time. I am lvl 96 and i am a fearless.
Here are my statistics:
Jobs completed/2442
Fights won/4176
Fights lost/1445
Mobsters whacked/78
Hit-list kills/6
Successful heists/263
Times robbed/196

This are my weapons:
Brass Knuckles /2ATK/2DEF/owned/79
Butterfly Knife /2ATK/1DEF /owned /70
.22 Pistol /2ATK/0DEF/owned/56
9mm Semi-Automatic/3Atk/2Def/owned/57
Easter Egg Bomb/28Atk/13DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
.45 Revolver/3ATK/2DEF/owned/53
Weighted Knuckle Gloves /18ATK/11DEf/owned/1(limited edition)
Bushmaster ACR /27ATK/16DEF/owned/3(limited edition)
Tactical Shotgun /3ATK/2DEF/owned52
Semi-Automatic Shotgun /5ATK/4DEF/owned/43
Automatic Rifle /4ARK/4DEF/owned/51
Firebomb /4ATK/2DEFOwned/31
Trench Knife/16ATK/14DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Sergeant Murphy's Cosh /15ATK/15DEF/owned/2(limited edition)
.50 Caliber Rifle /16ATK/11DEF/owned/41
Bloody Webby /22ATK/15DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
RPG Launcher /20ATK/12DEF/owned/39
Grenade Launcher 14ATK/10DEF/owned/36
Harpoon Gun /19ATK/13DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Tire Iron /18ATk/15DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Colombian Necktie /8ATk/22/DEF/owned/2(limited edition)
M16A1/30ATK/12Def/owned 26
Garza 9/25ATk/10DEF/owned/19
RA-92 /29ATK/13DEF/owned/26
Ru-38 Pistol /20ATk/24DEF/owned/15
Punch Knife /21ATk/11DEF/owned/2(limited edition)
Cane Knife /18ATK/28DEF/owned/8
Fireworks/24ATK/6Def/owned/1(limited edition)
Bayonet/4ATK/16DEF/owned/6(4th July rare items)
Flintlock Pistols /14ATK/6DEF/owned/4(4th July rare items)
Musket/25ATK/5DEF/owned/3(4th July rare items)
Bookie's Holdout Pistol /24ATK/12DEF/owned/7
Brickbat/18ATK/12DEF/owned/1( 4th July rare items)
Cattle Prod /18ATK/16DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Police Baton /23ATK/22DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Bloody Chainsaw /18ATK/16DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Stay tune to find out more add me in face book (ngyuxuan555@hotamilcom, all request will be accepted thus request now)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Come Join MortalKombat Maple Story

Hello to all maplers visiting my blog!!! Iwould like to introduce to you guyz and girls out there that there is a new privatye server that I recently Found and I am a gm there.That is Mortalkombatms!!!

That Maple Story includes a free Wizet hat upon playing. To download you would need to have Hamachi.Go to to download it.After which,you must on the power and join this network(Mortalkombatms1)

After you have done so,type this into your browser to download the game client( and download the full client and register with the server.Of course this is not the end. You must download mapleglobal at this link( after that,try opening the file if they say there is a missing file just go up the web to download the missing files. To make up for those time wasted, the gms on the server decided to give everyone that enters the server a Wizet hat.That adds all stats 32000.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yes Yes I know, examinations are around the corner and I would not be playing computer as often as last time.Youths out there think that examinations are to see weather you are stupid or not.But,I am here to proof to them that their thinking was wrong.Firstly, examinations are actually used to test you weather you have been listening to the lessons thought to you on normal school days.Secondly, examinations are used to test weather you understand the topics or not.Many people have butterflies in their stomache due to nervousness. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Good Friday" or "Rubbish Friday"

Today is "Good Friday" for many except me. To me today is "Rubbish Friday". Firstly, pet society in face book is going through maintenance . Secondly, my mother is using my computer to play "restaurant city",she asked me not to play but in the end she is playing it. I am doing up this post because she asked me too.I had 0 plans of doing this post and I gotta say it was quite boring!!!