Friday, June 26, 2009

Come Join MortalKombat Maple Story

Hello to all maplers visiting my blog!!! Iwould like to introduce to you guyz and girls out there that there is a new privatye server that I recently Found and I am a gm there.That is Mortalkombatms!!!

That Maple Story includes a free Wizet hat upon playing. To download you would need to have Hamachi.Go to to download it.After which,you must on the power and join this network(Mortalkombatms1)

After you have done so,type this into your browser to download the game client( and download the full client and register with the server.Of course this is not the end. You must download mapleglobal at this link( after that,try opening the file if they say there is a missing file just go up the web to download the missing files. To make up for those time wasted, the gms on the server decided to give everyone that enters the server a Wizet hat.That adds all stats 32000.