Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mafia Wars

Hello all I am back again with better news :P. I have been playing Mafia Wars for a very long time. I am lvl 96 and i am a fearless.
Here are my statistics:
Jobs completed/2442
Fights won/4176
Fights lost/1445
Mobsters whacked/78
Hit-list kills/6
Successful heists/263
Times robbed/196

This are my weapons:
Brass Knuckles /2ATK/2DEF/owned/79
Butterfly Knife /2ATK/1DEF /owned /70
.22 Pistol /2ATK/0DEF/owned/56
9mm Semi-Automatic/3Atk/2Def/owned/57
Easter Egg Bomb/28Atk/13DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
.45 Revolver/3ATK/2DEF/owned/53
Weighted Knuckle Gloves /18ATK/11DEf/owned/1(limited edition)
Bushmaster ACR /27ATK/16DEF/owned/3(limited edition)
Tactical Shotgun /3ATK/2DEF/owned52
Semi-Automatic Shotgun /5ATK/4DEF/owned/43
Automatic Rifle /4ARK/4DEF/owned/51
Firebomb /4ATK/2DEFOwned/31
Trench Knife/16ATK/14DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Sergeant Murphy's Cosh /15ATK/15DEF/owned/2(limited edition)
.50 Caliber Rifle /16ATK/11DEF/owned/41
Bloody Webby /22ATK/15DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
RPG Launcher /20ATK/12DEF/owned/39
Grenade Launcher 14ATK/10DEF/owned/36
Harpoon Gun /19ATK/13DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Tire Iron /18ATk/15DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Colombian Necktie /8ATk/22/DEF/owned/2(limited edition)
M16A1/30ATK/12Def/owned 26
Garza 9/25ATk/10DEF/owned/19
RA-92 /29ATK/13DEF/owned/26
Ru-38 Pistol /20ATk/24DEF/owned/15
Punch Knife /21ATk/11DEF/owned/2(limited edition)
Cane Knife /18ATK/28DEF/owned/8
Fireworks/24ATK/6Def/owned/1(limited edition)
Bayonet/4ATK/16DEF/owned/6(4th July rare items)
Flintlock Pistols /14ATK/6DEF/owned/4(4th July rare items)
Musket/25ATK/5DEF/owned/3(4th July rare items)
Bookie's Holdout Pistol /24ATK/12DEF/owned/7
Brickbat/18ATK/12DEF/owned/1( 4th July rare items)
Cattle Prod /18ATK/16DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Police Baton /23ATK/22DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Bloody Chainsaw /18ATK/16DEF/owned/1(limited edition)
Stay tune to find out more add me in face book (ngyuxuan555@hotamilcom, all request will be accepted thus request now)