Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wow Saturday!!

Hello folkes!! at last it is Saturday and it means only 1 thing.The thing is PARTY!!On Saturday many of my close relatives like TS,UR,TKandTG came to our house and we had 2 servings of food at night.The 1st is our dinner and it was fantabulouse as we had KFC.The 2nd serving is supper,TKandTG brought vegetarian noodles and again it was good.We had a short karaoke sessions and my little sister JX requested for MAMA MIA and she is only 3 years old.She sang along with the music and she clapped along with the music.It was definitely a fun-filled day and it was the most memorable day of my life and I wish for many PARTY!!in the time.See you soon again

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mysterious Guru

Hello there I MIA(Missing In Action) for quite some time now but I am back in blogging. Alright then let's start with today's post"The Mysterious Guru. As we all know,the blog guru is a person whom has a great experience and therefore called "Guru". The term "guru" also means "teacher" and therefore we should learn from them. You know you should not anyhow call anyone a Guru unless you are very certain that this person is a great teacher and has experience. The mysterious guru would visit anyone's blog especially Junior blogs like mine. It is very rare that the mysterious guru visit's an adult blog as adults have more experience then younger bloggers. The next time a Blog guru enters and post a comment please do not be shocked as it is VERY RARE to have 1 visiting your blog. See you soon, I will be posting from now on so keep track.:)