Saturday, August 30, 2008

At Last My TPPC Is Professional

Hello Folks My TPPC Account is finally very professional.My Starting 6[SHINY-SHINY CARVANHA [SOON TO BE SHARKPEDO]SHINY LARION [SOON TO BE AGGRON] SHINY MAGNNEMITE [SOON TO BE MEGNETON]][NORMAL-SALEMANCE TOTERRA RHYDON [SOON TO BE RHYPERIOR]. My Pokemon levels SHINY CARVANHA[207]SHINY LARION [301]SHINY MAGNEMITE[174]SALEMENCE[376]TOTERRA[217]RHYDON[226].My trainer ID is 1895356.I am also the COPERAL of team AQUA. Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Queensway Cheated Still Lose

On 27th August 2008 Queens cup was played In Queensway Secondary School. Our Division was last to play and Our B-Division was the first.our B-Division won QSS 2-0 after a close match 25-15 25-23.Next up was our C-girls and they won without any stress and beaten QSS 2 sets flat. At last it was our turn but we lost 1-2.They cheated and their refree was very buyers. It was the last ball and I got very angry and spiked straight into one of the queenswayans face [Deserve it sore loser!!] When the match was over we shacked hands and they laughed at us. At least we won them 2games[c-girls and b-boys]to 1[C-boys]. Their return match will be on 12 september I make sure I will make them fell how we fell AKA taste their own medicine.What a bunch of loosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Staying At My Grandfather House More Fun

On Friday I went to my grandfather's house. It was better than last time as I cooked Vegetable for the whole family. Every one enjoyed my vegetables as it was delicious. After dinner, I introduced my grandfather to play Zuma and he enjoyed it but his reactions were slow and I laughed my heart out. He lost to me but got addicted to the game.HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I hope that this game would help him improve his speed of reaction.The next morning,he brought us out to eat hokkien mee and drank suan mei juice.It was a long and tiring day now I think he is still playing Zuma now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What A Tiring Day!!!

It was a tiring day for me.I am at home now.I fought a long day and I am very tired now.I had volley ball again and I had to play match.The match was very unpridictable as it was a fair fight.I caould not connect with Chee Guan as he always acted hastly.In the end, we won by only 2points.I was very upset and demorilised when i was wrongly acused.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What A Heart Warming Finals Olympics

On the 17th of August,the history of Singapore was changed. Singapore's peddlers Jia Wei,Wang and Feng got Singapore their 1st medal of the Olympics in Table Tennis a silver medal. Their silver made it the 2nd medal in the Olympics [all the Olympics] I watched the competition and we lost 3-0.Our heroes tried their best but to no avail.At that moment,everyone's spirits were high while the medals were given out to Singapore.I thought to myself and I kept thinking what I could do to contribute to Singapore[guess the ans if you can].After the victory Jia Wei stay 6th in the world Wang will stay at 7th as for Feng it is a different story.Feng from a rankles player became the 9th in the world. What a surprise for feng ,to heroooooooooooooooooooooo

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sogs And More Song

What A Sweet Draw

We drew with Geylang SecondarySchool as they had blockers. The blockers were tall and blocked some of our spikes.we lost to them 2 sets then we came back 2sets to put it 2-2.they won us 1 more and we were furious. We decided to fight back and won 1 last set .The final score3-3. We were satisfied at our score and our coach applauded us.

My New Computer Game

Hello folks I am back with a new game called TPPC.I feel that itis intersting as you could get faction points just by playing a long time.TPPC is said to be the desendent of Pokemon Crater. You could get ranking by getting higher pokemon level by training in the gym.

My 1st Time Making Pizza For My Family

I woke early morning to prepare a surprise breakfast for my family and made pizza. I did it with the help of my mother and successfully made 2 pizza. The 2 pizza are good but 1 of it is imperfect as it was too difficult to remove as the pot i used was too dry.The 2nd one was better as I used more oil and it did not stick.My family was very satisfied with my cooking.It matched well with tea and some biscuit .The 2 flavours I made were chicken floss and seafood.I very satisfied with my cooking and hope to do more food next time

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Volleyball Friendly Match Experience

It was my volley ball friendly match experience. Our first match was against Queensway seconday school.My emotions were mixed as I entered the volley ball court as it was my first time. We lost[4-2] in the end as Queensway were very competetive.Our second match was against Sambawang Secondary School and I knew I needed to win this match badly it was my turn to serve and I aced it we were losing[19-17]but 7 of my aces made my team win the 4th match.At last we won Sambawang[3-2]. Our last match was against Hai Xing Secondary School but they could not serve across the net and so they quited.We were looking forward for the next friendly against Geylang Methodist Secondary School in the 15th of August. I hope that i could be the starting 6in the squad.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore National Birth Day

Happy birthday Singapore.It is the 43th birthday of Singapore. It is also held in the word largest floating platform.The performance were spactacular like the speed boat and many more water activities.The part of the show I enjoyed most was the ariel display put up by the BLACK NIGHTS.The grand finale was the vibrant colours of the fireworks.It was a wonderful and enjoyable day for all singaporeans and those whom have watched it on channel 5.