Saturday, August 30, 2008

At Last My TPPC Is Professional

Hello Folks My TPPC Account is finally very professional.My Starting 6[SHINY-SHINY CARVANHA [SOON TO BE SHARKPEDO]SHINY LARION [SOON TO BE AGGRON] SHINY MAGNNEMITE [SOON TO BE MEGNETON]][NORMAL-SALEMANCE TOTERRA RHYDON [SOON TO BE RHYPERIOR]. My Pokemon levels SHINY CARVANHA[207]SHINY LARION [301]SHINY MAGNEMITE[174]SALEMENCE[376]TOTERRA[217]RHYDON[226].My trainer ID is 1895356.I am also the COPERAL of team AQUA. Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Do you still play Maple ?