Thursday, August 28, 2008

Queensway Cheated Still Lose

On 27th August 2008 Queens cup was played In Queensway Secondary School. Our Division was last to play and Our B-Division was the first.our B-Division won QSS 2-0 after a close match 25-15 25-23.Next up was our C-girls and they won without any stress and beaten QSS 2 sets flat. At last it was our turn but we lost 1-2.They cheated and their refree was very buyers. It was the last ball and I got very angry and spiked straight into one of the queenswayans face [Deserve it sore loser!!] When the match was over we shacked hands and they laughed at us. At least we won them 2games[c-girls and b-boys]to 1[C-boys]. Their return match will be on 12 september I make sure I will make them fell how we fell AKA taste their own medicine.What a bunch of loosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Supercute! It is good to see that you are very passionate about your sport.

Whilst we all want to play to win, we need to remember that there is such a thing as sportsmanship. Do you remember the English Premier League match where Di Canio kicked the football out of the field when the other side's player was lying injured on the field? I was very impressed at his behaviour. It would be good to emulate him.

Keep your faith and may you remain committed to your sport.

Verytiki said...

It's frustrated being unfairly treated especially when you are competing a very important match.

You told me that these players keep cheating and the refree is putting on blind eyes as the refree is from their school. They serve off line, spike off line, etc and no whistle is being blown despite protesting by your group cos refree's decision is final.

They win the cup no doubt. However, they loose their principal and sportmanship.

My dear, win with ability not tricks. God is so great that he let you see the ugly side of human being. He is teaching you to be patient, forgiving, strong and determine.

Improve your skill and you will make it. Show them what real sportmanship should be during your next match with them.

Cheers !!!