Sunday, August 17, 2008

My 1st Time Making Pizza For My Family

I woke early morning to prepare a surprise breakfast for my family and made pizza. I did it with the help of my mother and successfully made 2 pizza. The 2 pizza are good but 1 of it is imperfect as it was too difficult to remove as the pot i used was too dry.The 2nd one was better as I used more oil and it did not stick.My family was very satisfied with my cooking.It matched well with tea and some biscuit .The 2 flavours I made were chicken floss and seafood.I very satisfied with my cooking and hope to do more food next time


Verytiki said...

Hi bro. Why don't you make it again after your bro's exams ? The one I made is a bit Chao Da on the base. You did better then me.

Your lemon tea is marvelous. Can't get enough of it.

You are the Champ Chef.

Anonymous said...

yes tiki i will do it again after my bro`s exams . harharhar.....lolz

Verytiki said...

Yeah !!!!!

Lookforward to your Champion Food and Drink.