Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mysterious Guru

Hello there I MIA(Missing In Action) for quite some time now but I am back in blogging. Alright then let's start with today's post"The Mysterious Guru. As we all know,the blog guru is a person whom has a great experience and therefore called "Guru". The term "guru" also means "teacher" and therefore we should learn from them. You know you should not anyhow call anyone a Guru unless you are very certain that this person is a great teacher and has experience. The mysterious guru would visit anyone's blog especially Junior blogs like mine. It is very rare that the mysterious guru visit's an adult blog as adults have more experience then younger bloggers. The next time a Blog guru enters and post a comment please do not be shocked as it is VERY RARE to have 1 visiting your blog. See you soon, I will be posting from now on so keep track.:)


Verytiki said...

Hi dear. Nice to see your new blog. Very nice and informative post. Looking forward to read more of your nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Supercute! Wise words indeed. You have shown a level of maturity beyond your years. Keep it up.

You are a very good boy and a wonderful elder brother. We are all very proud of you.

Take care.