Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Go Makan!!

It is Sunday and I went to Zion Road Food Court .My mother,father and grandfather went to eat Bak Kut Tea while my brother and sister ate Chicken rice as I ate Siao Wan Tang(Noodle with soup).For drinks I had ribena, my brother had China apple,my sister had ribena, my parents and grandfather had typical chinese tea made by my grandfather.After the lunch I went for tuition.After tuition I went to SGBK's place to collect food and brought them home.We went home and TS came over for dinner.We had popiah,Bak Kut Tea and curry.I had a fun time making popiah.We then watched Fomular 1.Singapore is the first country to hold a night race.So I will end of now see ya!!:)



Hi Supercute! Delicious food! How about some photographs?

Anonymous said...

Tau Gai ?!!!!

What a nice name you give your blog. You and your family really know how to enjoy good food. Can I have a share too ?


Anonymous said...

haha nice 1