Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st visit To The Church

It is Sunday today and my family decided to go to the church at Suntec City's New Creation church and the service lasted for a mind boggling 2 hours.The Church had 3 levels.The 3rd level was full so we sat at the 4th level and the last hall was located at the 6th floor.they started the session with 3 songs and the session continued with speeches and the phrase that made me salute the Christians the most is "Lord's words are his power and the most evil is the devil:}]]]XD



Hi Supercute! I hope that you found the service enlightening. There is a combined service at 10 am at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 27 September 2008. The doors will open at 9 am, so be sure to get there early so as to get a good seat!

Anonymous said...

Glad to learn that you enjoy the service and understand what is being tought.