Monday, October 27, 2008

My Birthday

Hi Folkes I am back!!
Today is my birthday and it is good. When I woke up my brother and mother surprised my with bringing me to Tiong Barhu Plaza. When we reached ther my brother and I went to time zone and went to play Star Wars:).My sister went to NTUC and went to buy our groceries and we met in NTUC and went home. At night golf gong and TS came to our house and we went to Tanling halt to eat western food.After dinner, we went home and we had my birthday cke and opened my present.:)well I am sure that is the most memorable day of my life



Happy Birthday, Supercute!

Verytiki said...

Glad that you enjoy the day. I didn't buy you present but bake you two. hehe...hope you like them.

Thanks Koko for so much efforts you put in to help C and Princess. Without you and Tao Suan, I'll be in deep trouble. Thanks bro.

I'm so proud of you and tao suan. You guys are the best gift god has given me. Muacks.

Anonymous said...

Hi supercute. Your slid show is very interesting.