Friday, October 24, 2008

My Trip to Sentosa

As you all know,I posted a comment on my previous post that I was going to Sentosa. So this post is about the trip to Sentosa two days ago.THE first place we visited was the "Images Of Singapore" .We watched a 5 minutes film and then went on to their exhibition. As we finished our things before time ,we could hang around for about 15 minutes.We then proceeded to"The Merlion". We went up to the head of the merlion and the view from the top was spectacular. We then headed down to the Mouth where there was a photographer taking pictures for my group so we decided to take a group picture and went down to the ground level To collect our photographs.Then went to our last stop:Fort Suiloso". My teacher decided for us to take the tram but my group had to walk up the fort as there were insufficient space for my group to sit in:(.But as you know walking is a form of exercise.when we were at the top of the fort we looked down and saw Labrador park at the opposite end of the sea. and the light house was tiny HA HA.We hen went down the fort and back to school..From this activity I had learnt that there are things out there for us to explore so go and explore

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