Monday, October 20, 2008

At Last On The Singapore Flyer XD

Many of you out there are yet to get on board the Singapore Flyer. As for me it is my lucky day, my school went out on an excursion to the flyer. It looked and feel like I have just made History.I was surprised when I first arrived,We had to sit according to our respective groups.We went into the capsule and the boarding was quite scary as we were required to board the cabin when it was moving.when we were going up,I looked down and after 15 minutes I realised that I was on top of the ride. From our view the merlion at the opposite end of the bay looked like an ant Ha Ha:).The view from the top of the ferries wheel was spectacular and my friends took some pictures of us when we were up there. when we went back down to earth, we went and continued the race. We won the amazing race as the 1st team cheated and they ended up in 2nd place as they ran which was against the rules so we became 1st. We were actually 2nd but as you know the 1st group cheated.XD If you wan to see pics please just leave a comment thank you very much


Anonymous said...

Amazing race in Singapore ? Wow, that's facinating !!!! Please post some pictures your friend took. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sure Sure Sure. Show me pics. It seems very interesting.



Hi Supercute! Your excursion sounds very interesting! I look forward to seeing the photographs. Do post them soon.

Anonymous said...

OK Sure I will try ny best and by the way i have gone to Sentosa just today 21 OCT