Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi TPPC fans I am back and better than ever
I guys I am back for more TPPC RPG news about my acc as you know my world ranking has gone down(It is a good news)I am now ranked at 2,993.In my starting six,I have 1 Shiny Gyarados 1 at lvl 353.I also have 1 Shiny marchamp at lvl 700 I also have 1 Shiny Tyrinitar lvl 402 .1Shiny Typhlosion at lvl 411. The last 2 pokemons are metagross,1 lvl 500 the other at 318. I am the Lieutenant of team Aqua and my ID is 1895356.If there is any query please put it as a comment !!Here are some pictures of my starting 6 pokemon enjoy

1st LVL 700 2ndLVL402 3rdLVL411

4thLVL353 5thLVL500 6thLVL318

Here is another slide show of my old pokemon starting six enjoy:

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