Saturday, July 19, 2008

M y Stay In My grandfather House

It was a good experience staying overnight alone as it trains my independance when I am left alone. It sure thought me how to be a 12-yeear-oldkid.


Verytiki said...

You are lucky to have grand parents. Yes, being indepandance is good. Being indepandance and get praise and recognition from the elderly is even better. Do you have such experience being recognise for your well behavior ? I did. I feel really good as I've achieve a better standard and improve myself.

It's not really doing better to get other's good remarks. It's more to my own achievement of being better.

Keep it up my friend.


PEBBLES said...

I am very impressed! Did you enjoy your overnight stay? Did you raid the refrigerator for snacks or did you eat before going to your grandfather's place?

I must confess that I am afraid of the dark. When I am alone at home, I will make sure that the house is brightly lit. Call me a "scardy-cat" but I have an overactive imagination. *giggle*

Verytiki said...

Wow, I love this song. So nice and so rock !!!!!

Hey, recommend me more nice songs ok !!!

kar wei said...

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