Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Food and nutrition learn how to cook and nutritional value about food. I enjoy food and nutrition as I love to cook at home. Food and nutrition also teachers me to cook simple dishes at home and the food they teach us to cook. The food they teach us to cook is filled with nutritional value which helps us to fill our stomach when we are hungry. It is a simple subject to pass unless you are really interested in the subject. Food and nutrition also requires us to do projects to score marks. We should also study hard as there is many things to remember in the text book. We should study hard not taking it too lightly. it is very difficult to remember as there are many things to remember if you revise at the last minute before examinations. The fact is that the unites are all very long and hard to memorise. I had this experience and i failed my food and nutrition. My advise to all is to study hard and do not try to revise before the exam 1 day ago


Verytiki said...

You are absolutely right. Everybody must be well prepared be it exams, test, work, travel, etc etc. One will only be successful not because he is smart but more to determinations, will and preperations. Keep it up !!!

PEBBLES said...

It is certainly of advantage to you that Food and Nutrition is taught in school. I look forward to eating homecooked dishes by you on a regular basis.

Too many of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle nowadays. As we are often rushing from place to place, we invariably end up grabbing a quick bite on our way somewhere, by eating something that is quick (eg. fastfood) and not necessarily healthy.

Sometimes, we have to learn to stop and smell the roses. How often have you heard people saying things like, "That poor man! He led such a hectic lifestyle and he did not take care of his health. Now, his kidneys have failed."?

Learn to live a "let live and let go" life. While it is important that we keep outselves up to date in everything in life, every now and then, we need to learn to relax. This, however, does not mean that we do not learn to prioritise. There are times when certain things have to be attended to that cannot be put off to tomorrow (eg. homework, visiting a sick relative in the hospital, etc). Do not live your life with regrets.

On the issue of examinations, you are correct in saying that one should prepare early and not wait till the last minute. Have you heard of the phrase "burn the midnight oil"? Do not let yourself get caught in such a situation. You may end up panicking during the examination and you may inadvertently make careless mistakes.

You are an intelligent boy. I can see the potential in you. You are also discerning and a fun person to be with.

Do not let your life be dictated by the computer. It is a tool to assist you, not to take over your life. While computer games are fun and chatting on the internet is even more fun, we have to learn where to draw the line. When friends and relatives visit us, we should honour their presence by spending time with them. It can be something as simple as logging onto YouTube and everyone singing along and stomping our feet. Or a DVD could be played and everyone sits together to watch the show and laugh together. These are life's simple pleasures.

You are destined for great things in life. May the Lord bless you richly and may you look back on your life when you are old and say, "I have no regrets."