Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello fellow gunzers,welcome to my blog and letz get down to business here is an overview of my acc:

Characters /Lvl/ Clan name
dbfwhee /30/ Stardust
sithrocks /32/ The~Killers
domokiller /6/ ----------------

(wish to learn)

  • Learn double butterfly
  • Learn triple butterfly
  • Learn Instant
  • learn reload shot
  • Learn wall scaling using bf(butterfly)
  • Learn half stab

(Wish to do)

  • Pg41(mansion,prison and dungeon)
  • Pg65(mansion,prisonanddungeon)
  • Wish to do Superion The Tainted(dungeon)
  • Wish to do Anememron The Wicked(dungeon)
  • Wish to do Leech(dungeon)
  • Wish to do Giant Lizard Man(prison)
  • Wish to do Dwarf GoblinKing(mansion)
  • Wish to do Thunder Goblin King(mansion)
  • Wish to do Goblin King(mansion)
  • Wish to make clan
  • Clan name GrImM_ReApErZ

(wish to kill)

  • wish to kill Shin Howe
  • wish to kill Wei Jie
  • Pawn Kok Yee
  • Kill all River Valley Primary School Gunzerz
  • PAWN''AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL......!......!......!"

(Wished lvls)

  • dbfwhee lvl 70
  • sithrock lvl 70
  • domokiller lvl 70

(new characters)

  • (ACE_pros)
  • (ACE_proz)

(Clan Rules)

  • All inactive members will not be allowed in the clan
  • No sprayers are welcomed by the clan
  • No hacks or cheats are allowed

(Clan Requirements)

  • Lvl 13 and above
  • know how to BF
  • Active
  • Clan admins must not abuse your power
  • Know slash shot
  • at least 100 kills
  • Winning rate above 50%
  • Know how to do A.T.D
  • Add people that is high lvls

(Clan Vision)

  • "To Nurture a killer in every member"DBFWHEE


Anonymous said...

Haha...what a long wish list. Hope your wishes come true.


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